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Johann Hewelcke's (Hevelius's) lunar nomenclature

Sources: Appendix E and F (pages 201-209) in Ewen A. Whitaker's Mapping and Naming the Moon, a History of Lunar Cartography and Nomenclature.
J.Hewelcke's moonmap with his nomenclature is printed on page 53 in Whitaker's, see also Wikipedia's superb King-Size scan of this map.
Additional research: Danny Caes

For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Lacus (lakes), see page Lacus.
For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Maria (seas), see page Mare.
For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Mons/ Montes/ Montana (mountains and mountain ranges), see page Hevelius's Mountains.
For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Palus/ Paludes (marshes), see page Palus.
For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Promontoria (cape or headland), see page Promontorium.
For alphabetic list of J.Hewelcke's Sinus (bays), see page Sinus.

17 names not included on J.Hewelcke's map (but... mentioned in his list)

Insula Anemusa
Prom. Apollinis
Asiae pars
Bosphorus, Sinus Propont. ad
Insulae Calabraria
Paludes Cimmeriae
Mons Cirna
Mare Creticum
Prom. Freti Pontici
Insula (?)
Prom. Mercurii
Mons Mimas
Insula Occidentalior
Insula Orientalior
Sinus Orientalis
Paludes Palaestinae
Rupes (?)


Evila Desertum (Deluc-Gruemberger region) (in an online source which shows Beer and Madler's investigations it is called Desertum Hevila, for Clavius).
Mingui Desertum (southern limb region).
Raphidim Desertum (western part of Clavius).
Zin Desertum (northern half of low-albedo halo around Tycho).

Fons/ Fontes

Amari Fontes (low-albedo floor of Cruger).
Tadnos Fons (two low-albedo floor patches in Schickard).


Ponticum Fretum (northern part of Mare Nectaris).
Sirbonicum Fretum (Oceanus Procellarum-Mare Humorum join)(Rand McNally's Andreus Hills?).

Insula/ Insulae (islands)

Insula Aea (Cauchy).
Insula Aethusa (high-albedo spot southwest of Lansberg D; which was Felix Chemla Lamech's Schlumberger).
Insula Alopecia (Picard) (does this really means the Island of Baldness?).
Insula Anemusa (probably the high-albedo spot north of Lansberg).
Insula Apollonia (Plinius).
Insula Apollonia Minor (Ross).
Insula Arrhentias (high-albedo region north of Moltke).
Insula Besbicus (Manilius).
Insulae Calabraria (probably part of Montes Teneriffe).
Insula Calathe (Tobias Mayer Beta, Rho, etc...).
Insula Capraria (Montes Teneriffe Epsilon)(Van Langren's Lini).
Insula Carpathos (Max Wolf).
Insula Cercinna (large high-albedo nimbus at Kepler).
Insula Cilicum (Arago).
Insula Corsica (Timocharis).
Insula Cosyra (high-albedo nimbus at Tobias Mayer A).
Insula Creta (Bullialdus).
Insula Cyanea Europa (vague high-albedo region north of Tacquet).
Insula Cyprus (Birt).
Insulae Didymae (Capuanus and Ramsden).
Insula Ebissus (Pico Beta)(we could still use Hevelius's name Insula Ebissus, because Pico Beta is a true "island"!).
Insulae Echinades (high-albedo spots west of Fra Mauro A).
Insula Erroris (Helicon and Le Verrier).
Insula Ficaria (Euler).
Insula Hiera (Pytheas).
Insula (Dawes and its nimbus).
Insula Lea (high-albedo spot at Letronne Pi).
Insula Lemnos (Lalande A and nearby high-albedo region).
Insula Lesbos (Lassell and Lassell B, Lassell C, etc...).
Insula Letoa (nimbus at Campanus A).
Insula Macra (Posidonius)
Insula Major (Langrenus) (it's quite strange, to know that Johann Hewelcke thought it (this large crater) was some kind of "island"...).
Insula Majorca (Montes Recti).
Insula Malta (Lansberg).
Insula Melos (southeastern border of Mare Cognitum).
Insula Menyx (high-albedo region at Kunowsky).
Insula Minor (Atwood, Bilharz, and Naonobu) (the cluster of these three craters appeared as an island in the observing eye of Johann Hewelcke).
Insula Minorca (Mons Pico)(if this distinct hill in Mare Imbrium was not officially known as Mons Pico, the name Insula Minorca would be ideal!).
Insula Occidentalior (unknown).
Insula Ophiusa (Montes Teneriffe Delta, etc...).
Insula Orientalior (unknown).
Peninsula Peloponnesus (high-albedo region, from Gambart to Guericke).
Insula Philyra (Maskelyne).
Insula Pontia (the Leon Hills from Rand Mc.Nally's moonmap: Wichmann and the hills Gamma, Theta, etc...).
Insula Rhodus (high-albedo region at Nicollet and hill Delta, etc...).
Insula St. Petro (Mons Vinogradov, aka Mons Euler).
Insula Sardinia (Lambert).
Insula Sicilia (nimbus at Copernicus).
Insulae Strophades (hills Darney Chi, Tau, Lambda, etc...).
Insulae Taraciniae (nimbus at Hortensius and high-albedo spot west of it).
Insula Vulcania (Eratosthenes).
Insula Zacynthus (high-albedo region east of Lansberg).


Africae (far western highlands).
Asiae (probably south-southeastern limb region).
Lybiae (west-southwestern limb region).
Sarmatiae Asiaticae (south of Mare Crisium).
Sarmatiae Europaeae (east-northeastern limb region).
Scithiae (southwestern limb region).


Pyramidalis Petra (Montes Spitzbergen).
Sogdiana Petra (low-albedo region at southern end of Vendelinus).


Aegyptus (southwestern highlands).
Arabia (south-southwestern limb region).
Asia Minor (central highlands).
Cassiotis (eastern border of Mare Humorum).
Colchis (east of Sinus Asperitatis).
Hyperborea (northern polar limb region).
Italia (high-albedo regions west of Montes Apenninus).
Mauritania (east and north of Sinus Iridum).
Moesia (northern border of Mare Serenitatis).
Palaestina (south-southwestern highlands).
Persia (south-southeastern highlands).
Romania (southeast of Montes Apenninus).


Erichtini Scopuli (high albedo regions at Arago and Janssen).
Hyperborei Scopuli (Archytas and Protagoras).

Other names (miscellaneous)

Aconitus Collis (Boscovich).
Byzantium Urbs (Menelaus).
Caput de Tornese (high-albedo point at Fra Mauro B).
Celenorum Tumulus (La Caille to Vogel chain).
Hajalon Vallis (Blancanus and Scheiner).
Miris Stagnum (low-albedo spot at Riccioli O).
Mundi Catena (northwestern border mountains of Mare Serenitatis).
Nilus Fluvius (low-albedo streaks at Billy-Mersenius).
Paludosa Loca (inner nimbus of Kepler).
Taurica Chersonnesus (Montes Taurus and region south of it).