Lacus Mortis Fault

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Lacus Mortis Fault

(unofficial name; IAU would call it "Rupes Mortis"?)

Lat: 43.8, Long: 25.7, Length: 55 km, Depth: km, Rukl: 14
external image jpg&height=460&width=460&bbox=23.8,42.4,27.6,45.2&resamp_method=nearest_neighborexternal image Lacus_Mortis_07-15-06_S250fix2.jpg
Left: Lunar Orbiter Mosaic: Mercator projection dynamically created by USGS lunar Web Map Service. Aerial view with sun from East. The 14-km crater in the lower right is Plana C. Click here for a USGS-generated list of all IAU-named features with centers in the current field.
Right: Wes Higgins Earth-based view with sun from West.


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The western floor of the crater Lacus Mortis is cut by one large rille (and some smaller ones) and a fault with a scarp that decreases in height from south to north, finally continuing as a rille. This is one of the Moon's few true faults, similar to the Straight Wall and the Cauchy Fault. The terrain to the west of the Lacus Mortis Fault is lower than that on the east. It is not obvious why a fault formed here, nor why it decreases in height and changes to a rille...- tychocrater Nov 24, 2007

Here are measurements reported in the Wöhler et al paper referenced below. The fault is 400 m high at its southern end and tapers to 0 m towards the north. It's maximum slope of 19° occurs in the south and the slope decreases to 8°. - tychocrater Feb 28, 2009

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Wöhler C., Lena R., Phillips J.,Bregante M.T., Lazzarotti P., Sbarufatti G. (2007) Vertical studies about Rupes Burg. Selenology Today v. 3, pp 65-79. This link downloads the PDF of the entire issue that contains the article.