Freundlich-Sharonov Basin

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Freundlich-Sharonov Basin

(unofficial name)
Lat: 18.5°N, Long: 175°E, Main ring diam: 600 km, Depth: 3.6-6.0 km, Rukl: farside

external image normal_Freundlich-Sharonov_Basin_LIDAR_LTVT.JPG

external image normal_freundlich-sharonov.jpg

Left: Clementine, Clementine LIDAR Altimeter texture from PDS Map-a-Planet remapped to north-up aerial view by LTVT. The red dot is the central position and the white circle the main ring position from Chuck Wood's Impact Basin Database. Grid spacing = 10 degrees.
Right: LROC WAC image centred on 180 degrees longitude.


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(LAC zone 50D4)

Basin Classification

(description of terms and most numeric basin data from Wood, C.A. (2004) Impact Basin Database)

Certainty of Existence
Wilhelms Age Group
Ring Diameters
Mare Thickness
640 km
1.6 km
Yes; +19 mG gravity anomaly


Additional Information

The centre of this basin seems to be Lacus Luxuriae.


Basins filled with maria are named for the mare, and basins that were previously recognized as craters still bear the crater name. Basins located between craters have the names of the two opposite craters with a hyphen in between, in this case Freundlich and Sharonov.
The name Freundlich-Sharonov Basin seems to be a rather difficult one to write, because it is mentioned (several times) as Freundlich-Sharanov Basin in Charles J. Byrne's The Far Side of the Moon: a Photographic Guide (Springer, 2008).

LROC Articles

Hunting for Ancient Lunar Impact Basins (Figure 1 of this article shows the Freundlich-Sharonov Basin).