Die Mondlandung - Der Menschheit Grosstes Abenteuer

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DIE MONDLANDUNG - Der Menschheit Grosstes Abenteuer

Herbert J. Pichler (1970)
Eingeleitet von Wernher von Braun
Mit 97 bildern, davon 40 in farbe, 41 illustrationen im text, und einer farbigen faltkarte (vorder- und ruckseite des mondes)
Das buch entstand unter mitwirkung von Peter Kaiser und Josef Pointer
Verlag Fritz Molden - Wien-Munchen-Zurich

This is an interesting book for connoisseurs of the hey-days of NASA and its projects GEMINI and APOLLO (especially the early Apollo missions: Apollo 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13).
Contains many orbital photographs of the moon, made by the Lunar Orbiters and the manned missions of Apollo 8 and Apollo 10.
A peculiar fact of this book is the remarkable greenish hue in most of the orbital lunar Apollo photographs, and also in those made on the lunar surface during the missions of Apollo 11 and Apollo 12. This phenomenon is noticeable in much more moonbooks made during and after the Apollo program.There must have been some sort of absence of Magenta ink, or perhaps an abundance of Cyan ink and Yellow ink, hence the greenish appearance of these printed photographs.
As mentioned above, Herbert J. Pichler's Die Mondlandung also contains a small version of the HALLWAG moonmap made by Hans Schwarzenbach.

Additional note:
For those who want to get a copy of this book in a second-hand bookstore: I wish you good luck!
- DannyCaes Sep 4, 2016

Those who are adrift in second-hand bookstores must also look for a copy of Piero Leonardi's Volcanos and Impact Craters on the Moon and Mars (1969), because in that book there are very odd-looking greenish colored photographs, made during the missions of Apollo 11 and 12!
- DannyCaes Sep 4, 2016