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(formerly Apollonius D)

Lat: 4.2°N, Long: 59.3°E, Diam: 15 km, Depth: 1.85 km, Rükl: 38

external image normal_Cartan_LO-I-029M_LTVT.JPG
LO-I-029M Cartan is at the north end of a chain of craters including the larger 20-km Apollonius H (below the lower margin of this view).


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- Cartan was also captured on Apollo 17's panoramic ITEK-camera frames AS17-P-2921 and AS17-P-2926 (on these two, Cartan's eastern half is visible a little bit to the right of the central parts of those frames)(look for a crater with small bright dot on its floor, not to be confused with Apollonius F a bit further to the right and immediately east of Daly!). Frames AS17-P-2923 and AS17-P-2928 show Cartan's western half (look for "half a crater", located a tiny little bit to the right of the central parts of both frames)(the complete crater further to the right is Daly).
- Research: Danny Caes


(LAC zone 62D2) LAC map Geologic map LM map LTO map


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Additional Information

  • Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
    Westfall, 2000: 1.85 km
  • From the shadows in LO-I-029M, the east rim of Cartan is from 1390 to 2150 m above the floor. - Jim Mosher


Elie-Joseph; French mathematician (1869-1951).

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