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(formerly Jansen B)

Lat: 10.7°N, Long: 26.7°E, Diam: 15 km, Depth: 2.19 km, Rükl: 35

external image Carrel-LO4-085-h2.jpgexternal image normal_Carrel+Plinius-AS10-31-4599.jpg
Left: LO4-085-h2, Right: Apollo 10 AS10-31-4599, Carrel with Plinius on the horizon.


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  • AS15-92-12532 is a close-up of Carrel's floor and inner slopes.
  • AS15-P-9871 shows a southward oblique look at Carrel without shadows.
  • AS11-37-5438 is one of the most unusual and most remarkable orbital Hasselblads of the Carrel-Lamont region during local sunrise (morning terminator). Lamont is the system of wrinkle ridges at left of the photograph's centre. Carrel (formerly Jansen B) is the crater near the photograph's upper left corner. By the way, I wonder if the photographed region (Lamont and Carrel on AS11-37-5438) was ever confirmed by others. Anyway, I did! - DannyCaes Jan 13, 2008


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Additional Information

Depth data from Kurt Fisher database
  • Westfall, 2000: 2.19 km

Carrel's inner slopes are a wonderful bonanza of dark and bright thin parallel streaks. An observer on the central part of Carrel's floor would see a curious "wall" of vertical dark/bright lines all around! See this orbital close up of Carrel, made during the Apollo program.- DannyCaes Apr 12, 2008

Rima Recta

This curious straight rille, running south-southeast of Carrel and unofficially called Rima Recta by Danny Caes, is a wonderful test-object for all sorts of amateur telescopes.
It was photographed by Lunar Orbiter 4 on frame LO4-078-h2 (near the frame's lower left corner), and it is described in the LPOD Pushes and Pulls on the Edge of an Enigma.


  • Named for Alexis Carrel (June 28, 1873 - November 5, 1944), a French surgeon, biologist and eugenicist, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1912.
  • Carrel was added to the bank of names for future use in IAU Transactions XVIB (1976).
  • Carrel was introduced as on LTO 60B3 (January 1977) as an IAU-approved replacement for the former lettered crater name Jansen B. It served as the title for that chart.
  • The name was not actually "approved as assigned" until 1979 (IAU Transactions XVIIB).
  • Carrel (Jansen B) seems to have been called Carrington by J.F.J.Schmidt.

LPOD Articles


APOLLO OVER THE MOON; A VIEW FROM ORBIT, Chapter 5: Craters (Part 4), Figure 143 (formerly known as Jansen B).

Alexis Carrel in UFO books?
Yes, his name is mentioned on page 74 of the Dutch book 40 JAAR UFO's by Hans van Kampen, 1987 (a very interesting book about the odd history of ufology).