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Y nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

Italics indicate farside features.

IAU nomenclature:
[/Yablochkov Yablochkov]
[/Yakovkin Yakovkin]
[/Yamamoto Yamamoto]
[/Yangel%27 Yangel']
[/Yangel%27%2C%20Rima Yangel', Rima]
[/Yerkes Yerkes]
[/Young Young]
[/Catena%20Yuri Yuri, Catena]

Unofficial nomenclature:
Ya. Bruce (Mariotte X)
Yangel', Fossa (LTO name)
Yerkes, Rimae (cluster of rilles west-northwest of Yerkes)
Young (or J.Young) (crater in the neighborhood of landingsite Apollo 16)
Yutu (Chinese name for one of the volcanic domes in the Marius Hills complex)