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Wiki Updater

(glossary entry)


The Wiki Updater is a software program for Windows PC's intended to assist in bringing the WikiText in feature pages up to current content and formatting standards. 

Additional Information

  • The current (3rd) version updates feature coordinates and dimensions in the title lines to the latest "official" values announced by the IAU, and adds links at the bottom of each page to the preceding and following features in the alphabetic index, and under "Additional Information" to the feature page at the IAU site. It also makes some minor changes to page formatting.

  • The software is available in a zipped folder at:
    • Wiki Updater 3 (updated June 16, 2012 to include latest IAU names list and LOLA positions/diameters)
    • The zipped folder contains the program, instructions, a list of current IAU data, and a list of additional spelling/format substitutions for the software to make.
    • Double-clicking on the Wiki Updater link and selecting "Open" will display the uncompressed folder, which can be dragged to a location on the user's hard drive (such as the Desktop). The program itself is run by opening this uncompressed folder and then double-clicking the "Wiki_Format_Updater_v3.exe" program within (the "ReadMe.txt" file contains additional directions).

  • The basic operation of the Updater consists of manually opening a Wiki page in WikText mode. This is accomplished by using the down arrow next to the "Save" button in the Wiki page editing bar. You can also set WikiText as your default editing mode by clicking the "My Account" link at the top of any page, and then under "Settings" setting "Use Visual Editor" to "No".
    • Once the page is open, its entire WikiText can be copied to the Windows clipboard by clicking in the text area and using the CTRL-C keystroke combination ("copy").
    • You then go to the WikiUpdater window (this can be done with CTRL-TAB) and click the "Process Text" button. The software will inform you of any changes it makes and update the clipboard contents accordingly.
    • You then go back to the Wiki page and replace the old text (still highlighted) with the new clipboard contents by using the CTRL-V keystroke combination ("paste").

  • With practice the entire operation takes just a few seconds, however you need to Preview the results and may need to make some further changes by hand.