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IAU/USGS Digital Atlas of the Moon

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Jennifer Blue of the United States Geological Survey's Astrogeology Branch (and curator of the official IAU list of Planetary Names) has documented the locations of all IAU-named lunar features on spacecraft imagery, much as had been done for the Moon's nearside, in the 1970's, in NASA SP-241. The results, along with comparable maps for other solar system bodies, can be found on the USGS website. It is eventually to be replaced by a version with the feature locations plotted on 

Additional Information

  • There are three versions of the IAU/USGS Digital Atlas:
    • Four hemispheric maps in shaded relief are annotated with primary IAU names only.
    • One complete set of 144 LAC-zone sized map sheets illustrates the location of every IAU-approved name for the entire Moon on a topographically color-coded shaded relief backgound that is not quite correctly registered to proper lunar coordinates.
    • A second preferred set uses selenodetically-controlled Lunar Orbiter background.
    • A Preface explaining both 144-sheet sets in detail appears at the bottom of the index maps linked to above.

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