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U nomenclature (from the IAU and from unofficial sources)

IAU nomenclature:
[/Ukert Ukert]
Ukert, Rima
[/Ulugh%20Beigh Ulugh Beigh]
[/Mare%20Undarum Undarum, Mare]
[/Urey Urey]
[/Mons%20Usov Usov, Mons]

Unofficial nomenclature:
U1 basin (centre of basin at d'Alembert)
U2 basin (centre of basin at Darwin)
U3 basin (centre of basin at Trumpler)
U4 basin (centre of basin at Lacus Temporis)
U5 basin (centre of basin at Olivier)
U6 basin (centre of basin at La Condamine/ Mare Frigoris)
Ukert, Vallis (the valley SW of Ukert)
Ulloae (IAU: Taylor)
Umbilicus Lunaris (IAU: Tycho and its ray system)
Umbrosa, Vallis (location unknown)
Undest, Mons (see link below list)
Ural (see Riphaeus, Montes)
Urselii (IAU: Agrippa)
US 1 (or: United States Highway Number One) (Rimae Hypatia)
Uttermost West (Apollo-15 site)
Uxii, Montes (IAU: Lindenau, Rabbi Levi, Zagut, etc.)