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Lat: 10.8°N, Long: 91.6°W, Diam: 40 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

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Lunar Orbiter IV 188-H2


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(LAC zone 72B3) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • A distinct dark-halo crater, located at 9° North/ 90° West (a little bit southeastward of Sundman and west of the southern part of Vallis Bohr) is seen near the right margin of LAC 72 and the left margin of LAC 55, in The Clementine Atlas of the Moon (Ben Bussey/ Paul Spudis). This dark-halo crater was also photographed by several of the Russian ZOND probes, such as ZOND 8: Frame X2. Because of its location at 90° west, it should be visible from Earth, during favorable libration. - DannyCaes Nov 2, 2015


  • The high-albedo crater Sundman V seems to be the final resting place of the remains of lunar probe LADEE (impact on April 18, 2014). During favorable libration of the moon's western limb it is possible to observe this high-albedo crater.


  • Karl Frithiof; Finnish astronomer (1873-1949).
  • In this region (near Sundman and the dark-halo craterlet at 9° North/ 90° West) was once the location of two formations which were called Fermi (90° West) and Planck (87° West). These two names were printed near the right margin of the light-blue colored Mercator map of the moon's far side, in Patrick Moore's Atlas of the Universe (the 1970's edition).
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