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Spur (Apollo 15 site craterlet name)

Lat: 25.974°N, Long: 3.657°E, Diam: 0.088 km, Depth: ? km, Rükl: 22

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Apollo 15 Site Traverses Chart


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"Spur" is the astronaut-named designation for a small impact crater on the north slope of Mons Hadley Delta, a short distance from the Apollo 15 landing site. The crater is located about 300 m up the slope, and is situated about 70 m above the plain of Palus Putredinis. Numerous samples were collected from the rim of this crater, and are considered characteristic of the highland portion of the Apennine Front geologic unit. Other samples were collected on the plain near the Dune and Elbow craters.

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Spur (correct link)

Additional Information

  • This feature should not be confused with Spurr the name for a 13-km diameter crater (formerly called Archimedes K) that is also located in Palus Putredinis, but much closer to Archimedes. Both names were somewhat confusingly added to IAU Nomenclature in 1973.
  • The IAU's Planetary Gazetteer gives Lunar Photomap (Site Traverse) 41B4/S4 as the primary reference indicating the position of the Landing Site Name "Spur". The coordinates and diameter given on the title line of this page are the values on that map, as read by LTVT. The "official" IAU data for Spur are: Lat=25.9°N, Long=3.7°E, Diam=0.1 km. Because of the limited precision of the longitude and latitude, Spur's position is indistinguishable (in the Gazetteer) from the nearby named feature Apennine Front.
  • The name "Spur" is also printed on Topophotomap 41B4/S1, but the label is placed so far from the tiny crater that it could not be identified from that map alone. - Jim Mosher


  • Astronaut-named feature at Apollo 15 site.
  • This name should not be confused with Spurr, or the Apollo 15 related mountain mass S.S.E. of Mons Hadley Delta, unofficially called Silver Spur.

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See also: Apennine Front
Kenneth F. Weaver: Apollo 15 explores the mountains of the moon (National Geographic, February 1972).
David M. Harland: EXPLORING THE MOON; The Apollo Expeditions.