SP-241 - Index V, Part 1

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Notes from NASA SP-241

The following is a scan of Part 1 of INDEX V - NOTES from pages 537-538 of NASA SP-241.


Alhazen C
Changed to Hubble C by IAU
Alhazen F
Changed to Cannon by IAU
Alpes (Vallis)
Latinized by IAU
Alpine Valley
See Alpes (Vallis)
Alpes (Montes)
Latinized by IAU
See Alpes (Montes)
Altai (Rupes)
Latinized by IAU
Altai (Mts)
See Altai (Rupes)
Anaximander C
Changed to Desargues by IAU
Anaximenes A
Changed to Poncelet A by IAU
Anaximenes C
Changed to Poncelet C by IAU
Anaximenes F
Changed to Poncelet by IAU
Anaximenes H
Changed to Poncelet H by IAU
Anguis A
Changed to Eimmart B by IAU
Anguis T
Changed to Eimmart G by IAU
Ansgarius A
Changed to Kapteyn A by IAU
Australe H
Changed to Lyot H by IAU
Australe K
Changed to Hanno K by IAU
Australe L
Changed to Hanno L by IAU
Behaim A
Changed to Kapteyn B by IAU
Blancanus B
Changed to Klaproth G by IAU
Boussingault P
B&M has two Boussingault P's; one renamed Boussingault F by IAU
Brisbane G
Changed to Lyot by IAU
Byrgius F
Changed to Lamèch by IAU
See Carpatus (Montes)
Carpatus (Montes)
Latinized by IAU
Carpenter C
Changed to Brianchon by IAU
Carpenter D
Changed to Pascal by IAU
Carpenter F
Changed to Pascal F by IAU
Carpenter G
Changed to Pascal G by IAU
Carpenter J
Changed to Pascal J by IAU
Cassini, J. E
Changed to Philolaus E by IAU
Cleostratus A
Changed to Boole A by IAU
Cleostratus B
Changed to Boole B by IAU
Cleostratus C
Changed to Boole C by IAU
Cleostratus D
Changed to Boole D by IAU
Cleostratus E
Changed to Boole E by IAU
Changed to La Condamine by IAU
Crisium, M. E
Changed to Yerkes E by IAU
Crisium, M. P
Changed to Proclus P by IAU
Restricted to northern component by IAU
Democritus C
Changed to Kane G by IAU
Endymion H
Does not include area between crater and bright ridge to south as B&M feature
Epimenides A
Changed to Mee A by IAU
Foecunditatis (Mare)
Changed to Fecunditatis (Mare) by IAU
Fermat AA
Formerly part of Fermat A
Fontana AA
Formerly part of Fontana A
Restricted to northern component by IAU
Changed to Paul Henry by IAU
Fresnel (Cape)
Changed to Fresnel (Prom) by IAU
Geminus E
Divided into E and EA by IAU
Geminus EA
B&M includes as parts of Geminus E
Gioja A
Changed to Byrd by IAU
Gioja B
Changed to Peary by IAU
Changed to Grove by IAU
Guericke L
Canceled by IAU
Hainzel A
Changed to Epimenides A by IAU
Hainzel D
Changed to Mee D by IAU
Hainzel E
Changed to Mee B by IAU
Hainzel F
Changed to Mee C by IAU
Hainzel M
Changed to Mee M by IAU
Hainzel P
Changed to Mee P by IAU
IAU shifted this designation to LPL 45823
Harbinger (Montes)
Latinized by IAU
Harbinger (Mts)
See Harbinger (Montes)
Changed to Pingré S by IAU
Hausen A
Changed to Pingré A by IAU
Hausen B
Changed to Pingré B by IAU
Hausen C
Changed to Pingré C by IAU
Hausen D
Changed to Pingré D by IAU
Hausen E
Changed to Pingré E by IAU
Hausen F
Changed to Pingré F by IAU
Hausen G
Changed to Pingré G by IAU
Hecataeus D
Changed to Briggs by IAU
Helmholtz G
Changed to Pontécoulant J by IAU
Changed to Henry, Prosper by IAU
Changed to Hooke by IAU
Humboldtianum A
Changed to Boss A by IAU
Humboldtianum B
Changed to Boss B by IAU
Humboldtianum C
Changed to Boss C by IAU
Humboldtianum D
Changed to Endymion WB by IAU
Humboldtianum E
Changed to Endymion WA by IAU
Humboldtianum G
Changed to Endymion V by IAU
Humboldtianum K
Changed to Boss K by IAU
Humboldtianum L
Changed to Boss L by IAU
Humboldtianum W
Changed to Endymion W by IAU
Inghirami D
Changed to Baade by IAU
Kästner D
Changed to Gilbert D by IAU
Kästner M
Changed to Gilbert M by IAU
Kästner N
Changed to Gilbert N by IAU
Kästner P
Changed to Gilbert P by IAU
Kästner S
Changed to Gilbert S by fAU
Kelvin (Cape)
Changed to Kelvin (Prom) by IAU
Krafft A
Changed to Balboa A by IAU
Lagrange F
Changed to Krasnov by IAU
Changed to Lansberg by IAU
La Pérouse B
Changed to Kepteyn by IAU
Laplace C (Prom)
Canceled by IAU
Changed to La Pérouse by IAU
Changed to Le Verrier by IAU
Louville C
Canceled by IAU
Marinus K
Changed to Hamilton by IAU
Marius Alpha
Changed to Marius X by IAU
Mercurius E
Changed to Mercurius M by IAU
Changed to Maestlin by IAU
Neper A
Changed to Dubiago by IAU
Neper B
Changed to Banachiewicz B by IAU
Neper C
Changed to Banachiewicz C by IAU
Neper E
Changed to Banachiewicz E by IAU
Oenopides A
Changed to Markov by IAU
Olbers C
Changed to Hedin by IAU
Olbers F
Changed to Hedin F by IAU
Oriani A
Changed to Seneca A by IAU
Oriani C
Changed to Plutarch C by IAU
Oriani E
Changed to Plutarch D by IAU
Pickering, E.
Changed to Pickering by IAU
Pickering, W. H.
Changed to Messier A by IAU
Pietrosul Bay
Name dropped by IAU
Changed to Pingré P by IAU
Pingré A
Changed to Pingré H by IAU
Pitiscus H
Changed to Hommel HA by IAU
Plato Beta
Changed to Archytas G by IAU
Posidonius H
Changed to Luther H by IAU
Pyrenaeus (Montes)
Latinized by IAU
Pyrenees (Mts)
See Pyrenaeus (Montes)
Pythagoras C
Changed to Desatgues C by IAU
Ramsden D
Changed to Lepaute D by IAU
Ramsden E
Changed to Lepaute E by IAU
Reiner B
Changed to Suess B by IAU
Rheita A
Divided into two parts by IAU
Riccioli A
Changed to Riccioli R by IAU
Riccioli E
Changed to Hartwig by IAU
Riphaeus P
Changed to Euclides P by IAU
Robinson J
Canceled by IAU
Rook (Montes)
Latinized by IAU
Rook (Mts)
See Rook (Montes)
Schomberger N
Changed to Simpelius P by IAU
Schröter B
Changed to Bode BA by IAU
Schröter's Valley
See Schröteri (Vallis)
Schröteri (Vallis)
Latinized by IAU
Seleucus Epsilon
Changed to Seleucus E by IAU
Changed to Sinas by IAU
Spallanzani C
Changed to Spallanzani G by IAU
Spumans P
Changed to Dubiago P by IAU
Spumans Q
Changed to Dubiago Q by IAU
Strabo A
Changed to Hayn A by IAU
Strabo E
Changed to Hayn E by IAU
Strabo F
Changed to Hayn F by IAU
Strabo G
Changed to Hayn by IAU
Strabo J
Changed to Hayn J by IAU
Strabo K
Changed to Hayn C by IAU
Straight Range
Changed to Montes Recti by IAU
Straight Range B
Changed to Recti B by IAU
Straight Wall
Changed to Rupes Recta by IAU
Struve A
Changed to Eddington by IAU
Struve E
Changed to Russell E by IAU
Changed to Tacquet by IAU
Thales B
Changed to Strabo B by IAU
Thales L
Changed to Strabo L by IAU
Thales M
Changed to Gartner M by IAU
Thales N
Changed to Strabo N by IAU
Ulugh Beigh E
Changed to Aston by IAU
Vendelinus C
Changed to Lamé by IAU
Vendelinus G
Changed to Lamé G by IAU
Vendelinus J
Changed to Lamé J by IAU
Vendelinus M
Changed to Lamé M by IAU
Walter H
Changed to Hell HA by IAU
Wolf (Mt)
Changed to Wolff by IAU

(end of scanned text)