Rima Schröter

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Rima Schröter

Lat: 1.0°N, Long: 6.0°W, Length: 40 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 32

external image normal_Rima-Schroter_LO-IV-108H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-108H Rima Schröter is the gash through the center of the image. The large peak in the extreme lower left is the northeast rim of 28-km diameter Sömmering. The southeastern part of 35-km Schröter can be seen along the margin in the upper left.


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  • Frame 103, made by Lunar Orbiter 3, shows a vertical close-up view of Rima Schroter and nearby hills. Research Danny Caes.


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Rima Schröter

Additional Information


  • Named after the nearby crater (Schröter).
  • A feature named Schröter f by Neison, 1876 is included as Catalog entry 1256 in Mary Blagg's Collated List, where it is characterized as a "valley or gap".
  • This feature was incorporated into Named Lunar Formations as Schröter F, where the name suggests a crater but the graphic indicates a rille.
  • The System of Lunar Craters shows two named rilles on Chart D4 of its Quad Maps: Rima Schröter I is the feature to the southeast of Schröter (illustrated above); while Rima Schröter V is a separate rille extending out from the southwest rim of a crater newly designated Schröter F. Rima Schröter V presumably corresponds to the rille aspect of Schröter F in Named Lunar Formations. The whereabouts of Rima Schröter II through IV in the System of Lunar Craters is unclear.
  • The listing of this feature as Rima Schröter (with the singular prefix Rima) in the on-line IAU Planetary Gazetteer, as well as the official diameter and position listed in the title line above, suggest the IAU intends the name to be applied only to Rima Schröter I of the System of Lunar Craters. Rima Schröter V apparently no longer has an official designation. - JimMosher
  • This feature should not be confused with Schröter's Valley, a much larger and better known rille near Aristarchus. Some confusion has arisen regarding this because a portion of the latter feature -- apparently the little rille meandering down the main valley -- was provisionally labeled "Rima Schröter" on LTO 38B3. Apparently the map makers did not realize the name was already in use. In any event, the IAU rejected the change. - JimMosher
  • Presumably because of the possible confusion created by LTO 38B3, Rima Schröter is listed in the on-line IAU Planetary Gazetteer both as the valid current name for the feature described above and as a "dropped, no longer in use" name for the tiny rille inside Schröter's Valley. The approval and drop dates are both given as 1964, which does not seem quite correct in either case. - JimMosher

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