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Rükl Zone 65 - WALTHER

(in Rukl's original paper-printed atlas mentioned as WALTER)

Neighboring maps on the Rükl Nearside Map:










Photographic Map

(This map is based on an Earth-based photograph that has been computer-corrected to zero libration. The vertical white lines indicate the left and right boundaries of the Rükl rectangle)
Background image source

Named Features

  • Aliacensis (Van Langren's Elisabethae Palat. Fil., J.Hewelcke's Mons Antilibanus).
  • Aliacensis Alpha (the central peak of Aliacensis) (see Chart 94 in the Times Atlas of the Moon).
  • Arondelii (Van Langren's disallowed name for Lexell A).
  • Cassini's Bright Spot (an informal name) (see also Hell Q) (seems to have been called Mons Tabor by J.Hewelcke).
  • Deslandres (J.P.H.Fauth's Horbiger) (also known as The Hell Plain).
  • Fernelius
  • Huggins
  • Lexell
  • Licetus (Van Langren's Croii) (together with Heraclitus on Chart 73).
  • Miller
  • Mons Taurus (J.Hewelcke's disallowed name for the bright ray east of Tycho) (J.Hewelcke must have thought that every kind of lunar surface formation was a mountain or a series of mountains).
  • Nasireddin (Van Langren's Conde Prin.).
  • Nonius (J.Hewelcke's Mons Fortis).
  • Orontius (Van Langren's Farnesii D. Parmae).
  • Proctor
  • Saussure
  • Schupmann (J.P.H.Fauth's disallowed name for Hell B, the crater at the upper left margin of Chart 65).
  • Stöfler (J.Hewelcke's Mons Calchistan) (on his map mentioned as Calchastan).
  • Terra Fertilitatis (Riccioli's discontinued name for the whole of Chart 65).
  • Walther (Van Langren's Caroli I Reg. Britt., J.Hewelcke's Mons Libanus).
  • Wright (a disallowed name from H.P.Wilkins for Licetus F).

Lettered Crater Locations

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Full zone with lettered craters

external image Rukl_65_satellites.jpg

Lettered craters by quadrants

(the dashed white lines are the centerlines of the Rükl zones)
North West
North East

external image Rukl_65_satellites_NW.jpg

external image Rukl_65_satellites_NE.jpg

external image Rukl_65_satellites_SW.jpg

external image Rukl_65_satellites_SE.jpg

South West
South East

Additional Information