Orthographic Atlas of the Moon

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Arthur and Whitaker: Orthographic Atlas of the Moon (1960)

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As the full title explains, this is the first of four supplements to the LPL's original Photographic Lunar Atlas.

Additional Information

  • This work consists of the best photos for each of the 44 fields in the earlier atlas overprinted with the rectangular xi-eta grid (adjusted to the correct librations for the photo) at a spacing of 0.01 lunar radius, and in the "Air Force" edition with colored lines of latitude and longitude at intervals of 2°. The work was primarily preformed by the LPL, but the ACIC assisted in computing the grids.
  • external image OrthographicAtlas_CommLPL_No1.jpg <-- prototype image shown in Communications of the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory #1 (click for larger view)

LPOD Articles

Un atlas orthographique - the English version of this LPOD has diappeared!


  • Arthur, D. W. G.; and Whitaker, E. A. (compilers). 1960. Orthographic Atlas of the Moon-Supplement Number One to the Photographic Lunar Atlas. NASA NsG-37-60 and Contract AF-19(604)-7260, Aeronaut. Chart Inform. Center.