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Table of Contents

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Apollo 17: Preliminary Science Report. NASA SP-330, 34-6 pages, published by NASA, Washington, D.C., 1973.

Additional Information

  • Contains several non-[/IAU IAU] feature names:
  • Arabia (Al-Khwarizmi).
  • Cloverleaf (nickname). The cluster of craters on the eastern part of Aitken's floor, east of Aitken's central peak.
  • Eskola (Vesalius M).
  • Roosa (Necho).
  • Rupes Appalaches (from 0° North/ 104° East to 10° North/ 111° East) (running near Saenger, Al-Khwarizmi, and Lobachevskiy).
  • Rupes Sibericus (from 1° North/ 121° East to 10° North/ 119° East).
  • Wright Brothers (the Kiess and Widmannstatten pair).

LPOD Articles


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