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Mutch: Geology of the Moon: a stratigraphic view (1970)

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A geologist's attempt, at the height of the Apollo program, to summarize the geologic mapping and analysis of the Moon accomplished to that point.

Additional Information

  • Part of the purpose of the book was to preserve a snapshot of lunar thinking just prior to the return of the first surface samples from Apollo, although a final chapter was adding describing the first results from Apollo 11.
  • The author's photo appears twice in the Warner Collection

  • Contents
    • History's Lessons
    • The Moon's Shape and Motion
    • Remote Sensing Techniques
    • Lunar Craters and Terrestrial Analogs
    • Imbrium Basin Stratigraphy
    • Other Basins - Other Stratigraphies
    • Crater Stratigraphy
    • Volcanic Stratigraphy
    • Highland Stratigraphy
    • Relative and Absolute Ages of Lunar Materials
    • Lunar Stratigraphy Reconsidered
    • Apollo XI Results
    • Appendix A: Geologic Maps of the Moon at a Scale of 1:1,000,000 (list)
    • Appendix B: Index Map of the Earthside of the Moon

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Mutch, Thomas A. 1970. Geology of the moon; a stratigraphic view. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press.