Mare Parvum

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Mare Parvum

(discontinued IAU name)

Table of Contents

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Lat: 50°S, Long:94°W , Diam: 100 km, Depth: km, Rukl: (farside)

external image normal_MareParvum_AstronMinsk_LTVT.JPG
AstronoMinsk imagers: This image of the Moon's southwest limb taken with a strong [/librations libration] shows which what was probably the feature intended by the discontinued IAU name Mare Parvum, corresponding to the central mare region of the [/Mendel-Rydberg%20Basin Mendel-Rydberg Basin].


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([/LAC%20zone LAC zone] 135B1) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


Additional Information

  • The [/Mendel-Rydberg%20Basin Mendel-Rydberg Basin] has a mare area of 2,900 km^2 according to measurements by Jim Whitford-Stark.


  • "Parvum" is Latin for "small".
  • The name Mare Parvum was introduced by [/Franz Franz] ([/Whitaker Whitaker], p. 235). It most likely referred to the central mare of the [/Mendel-Rydberg%20Basin Mendel-Rydberg Basin], but without seeing Franz' map it is difficult to be sure.
  • Franz' name (attributed to his catalog numbers 1348-1350) was adopted into the original 1935 IAU nomenclature of [/Named%20Lunar%20Formations Named Lunar Formations] as entry 2257a (the "a" indicating it was note in the [/Collated%20List Collated List]. It is described as "beyond" the southwest limb, with a latitude range of 49.1°S to 52.4°S (converted from the [/Xi-Eta Xi-Eta] values). This corresponds closely to the latitude range shown in the AstronoMinsk image from 2008 reproduced above. Mare Parvum is one of the very few features listed in [/Named%20Lunar%20Formations Named Lunar Formations] whose center is indicated as being beyond the mean limb.
  • The name Mare Parvum was deleted by G. P. Kuiper in [/PLA%20Table%20III Table III] of his 1960 [/Photographic%20Lunar%20Atlas Photographic Lunar Atlas], where it is listed as one of two "small patches of dark material not worthy of separate names" (the other being [/Mare%20Hiemis Mare Hiemis]). Kuiper chose to retain other Franz names, such as [/Lacus%20Aestatis Mare Aestatis], even though the dimensions are similar. His changes were approved by the IAU in 1961 ([/IAU%20Transactions%20XIB IAU Transactions XIB]).
  • Could have been called Palus Solitatis by the ALPO's amateur observers of the Luna Incognita project. Alas, this name was not approved by the IAU.

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