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==LPOD Articles==
==LPOD Articles==
[http://www.lpod.org/?m=20060731 Long, Thin and Yellow] [http://www.lpod.org/archive/LPOD-2004-10-24.htm A Long, Cold Mare]<br /> <br />  
[http://www2.lpod.org/wiki/July_31,_2006 Long, Thin and Yellow] [http://www2.lpod.org/wiki/October_24,_2004 A Long, Cold Mare]<br /> <br />  
==Lunar 100==
==Lunar 100==
[/Lunar%20100 L26]: Arcuate mare of uncertain origin.<br /> <br />  
[/Lunar%20100 L26]: Arcuate mare of uncertain origin.<br /> <br />  

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Mare Frigoris

Lat: 56.0°N, Long: 1.4°E, Diam: 1,596 km, Depth: km, [/R%C3%BCkl%204 Rükl: 4]

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external image normal_mare-frigoris-clem1.jpeg
Clementine The dark circular feature below center is the crater [/Plato Plato]. Mare Frigoris is the long dark band above this extending from the far right to the crater [/Harpalus Harpalus] on the left. The dark oval around [/Harpalus Harpalus] was originally known as [/Sinus%20Roris Sinus Roris], but the part to the right of that crater is now considered to be the western end of Mare Frigoris.


LPOD Photo Gallery Lunar Orbiter Images Apollo Images

  • The western part of Mare Frigoris is also seen on an extraordinary painting which was made by Chesley Bonestell, for the magazine Collier's (see: the fourth painting on page Collier's 2, in Fabio Femino's Fantascienza website). - DannyCaes DannyCaes Jan 13, 2008
  • A curious field of twisted bay- and arc-shapes (the remains of small craters) is noticeable between La Condamine and J. Herschel (the area of Mare Frigoris north of La Condamine). The upper half of photograph LO IV-145-H3 shows the field of the twisted bay- and arc-shapes. See also LAC 11 (page 22) in Ben Bussey's and Paul Spudis's Clementine Atlas of the Moon.- DannyCaes DannyCaes Nov 18, 2008


([/LAC%20zone LAC zone] 12C1) LAC map Geologic map


Description: Wikipedia

Mare Frigoris

Additional Information


  • Mare Frigoris is Latin for "Sea of Cold".
  • The eastern portion was named Insula Borealis (Northern Island) in a pre-telescopic sketch map by William Gilbert in ~1600 [ [/Whitaker Whitaker], p 15]
  • Called Boreum Mare (Northern Sea) by Gassendi in late 1630s [ [/Whitaker Whitaker], p 33].
  • Called Mare Astronomicum (Astronomer's Sea) on Langrenus' 1645 map [ [/Whitaker Whitaker], p 192].
  • The name Mare Frigoris was introduced on [/Riccioli Riccioli]'s map. But according to Riccioli's definition, Mare Frigoris ended in the region to the north of the crater now known as [/La%20Condamine La Condamine], and the dark mare patch around [/Harpalus Harpalus] (and extending to the area north of [/La%20Condamine La Condamine]) was regarded as a separate feature called [/Sinus%20Roris Sinus Roris].
  • For unknown reasons, subsequent cartographers extended Mare Frigoris to include the dark mare to the east of [/Harpalus Harpalus], but (apparently) not the ones to the west. This pushed [/Sinus%20Roris Sinus Roris] to the west, and left it with an ill-defined status from which it has never recovered.

LPOD Articles

Long, Thin and Yellow A Long, Cold Mare

Lunar 100

[/Lunar%20100 L26]: Arcuate mare of uncertain origin.


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