Lacus Excellentiae

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Lacus Excellentiae

Lat: 35.4°S, Long: 44.0°W, Diam: 184 km, Depth: km, Rükl: 62

external image normal_lacus-excellentiae-clem1.jpg


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Lacus Excellentiae

Additional Information

A newly discovered concentric crater occurs in this small mare.

A long lobate scarp with several short wrinkle ridges east of Lacus Excellentiae

  • It is an interesting pastime to explore the region east of Lacus Excellentiae (south of Vitello), with help of the LRO's WAC mosaic (and the high-resolution NAC photographs) on the ACT-REACT Quick Map, because in this section of the moon's southern hemisphere there's a rather long lobate scarp. This lobate scarp shows several short wrinkle ridges, such as the one near Vitello R (in, what seems to be, a small dark mare region), and also south of Clausius H. The most prominent part of this scarp is perhaps the section about halfway between Clausius C and Lepaute D, very near an unnamed high albedo craterlet. See also the region north and west of Clausius F.
  • I wonder if this system of lobate scarp vs wrinkle ridges was already discovered by lunar scientists. I can't imagine that I am the first one who noticed it. Is there a map of this scarp-ridge system east of Lacus Excellentiae? - DannyCaes Dec 19, 2015


"Lake of Excellence".
This mare-like region seems to have been called Kristmannus by G.B.Riccioli.
It is an interesting pastime to try to find out who (or what) Kristmannus really was! - DannyCaes Jul 5, 2013

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