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Lacus (lake)

(glossary entry)

external image normal_Lacus%20list.jpg
Enrique Luque Cervigón A labeled view the nearside lacus


  • One of 18 different categories of lunar features recognized in the current system of IAU nomenclature. The IAU defines a lacus as a "'lake' or small plain". The term is used as prefix to the feature name. There no plural form.
  • Small patch of mare is a better definition for the Moon than what the IAU uses. - tychocrater Sep 2, 2007
  • Small low-albedo region. - DannyCaes Feb 26, 2017 (where's the darkest one of these low-albedo regions?).

Additional Information

Lists of Lunar Lakes

LPOD Articles


The best printed source to get a splendid overview of small low-albedo regions is the CLEMENTINE ATLAS OF THE MOON (Ben Bussey/ Paul Spudis).
The best online source is the LROC ACT-REACT QUICK MAP (the Equidistant Cylindrical map of the entire moon, ALBEDO formations).