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LROC Gallery 2009



This page contains the year's list of image-links for 2009 which appeared in the LROC Browse Gallery webpage. The images were all taken by cameras onboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft that launched in June 2009. See also the year's list for LROC Gallery 2011 and LROC Gallery 2010. - JohnMoore2

Additional Information

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Gallery 2009

29 Dec 2009

Wrinkle Ridge Near Montes Teneriffe


Great NAC view of a wrinkle ridge in Mare Imbrium and west of Montes Teneriffe.

24 Dec 2009

Peary Crater Greetings from the North Pole of the Moon


A dark and sullen NAC view of a junction region at Peary crater where light and shadows continually change (a geological map of the region is also included.

23 Dec 2009

Moon or Abstract Expressionism


An unusual NAC view of blocky, flow-like material on a slope near a small crater within Henry Frères (a coloured Clementine image is also included).

21 Dec 2009

Fresh Copernican Crater


One NAC view of landslide, impact-melt, and ejecta-like materials associated to fresh, Copernican-aged (1.1 billions years ago to Present) craters (in this example, a small crater west of Balbao crater and on the edge of Oceanus Procellarum region.

17 Dec 2009

Vallis Alpes


One NAC view of the bottleneck feature just within Vallis Alpes’s main rille area (accompanied with additional images from Lunar Orbiter IV and Clementine, as well as a geological view).

16 Dec 2009

Pull Apart Grabens


One NAC view of a graben within Rimae Burg.

15 Dec 2009

Impact Melt-Flows on Giordano Bruno


Beautiful NAC view of impact-melt flows on ejecta deposits in crater Giordano Bruno.

14 Dec 2009

Wrinkle Ridges of NW Mare Imbrium


View of a north-west trending wrinkle ridge cutting across Mare Imbrium in this NAC image.

4 Dec 2009

Debris Flows


A NAC view of debris flow on the western interior wall of Janssen K.

23 Nov 2009

Cluster of Farside Secondary Craters


A NAC view of secondary craters presumed to have been created from the impact of Jackson crater nearby.

20 Nov 2009

Central Peak of Rutherfurd


Three NAC views (1, 2 and 3) of boulders near the central peak of Rutherford crater.

17 Nov 2009

Mountains of the Moon


A NAC view of the mountain region and rim of Cabeus crater.

16 Nov 2009

Dark-Craters on a Bright Ejecta Blanket


NAC view of dark impact ejecta material upon the lighter, highlands’ make-up north of Jules Verne Z crater.

9 Nov 2009

High Noon at Tranquility Base


A NAC view of the infamous Apollo 11 site at Tranquillity Base.

6 Nov 2009

Ejecta Blanket Features


Unusual view of ejecta material and the dynamics involved in this NAC view associated to Galvani B crater.

5 Nov 2009

Landslides in Marius Crater


Landslide material in this NAC view of the steep interior slopes of Marius crater.

4 Nov 2009

Apollo12 Second Look: Midday on the Ocean of Storms


A NAC view of the Apollo 12 site, with additional images in terms of equipment spotted by LROC and EVA tracks. See also First Look: Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3

30 Oct 2009

More Impact Melt!


A NAC view of creviced-looking impact-melt on the floor of Moore F.

28 Oct 2009

Exploring the Apollo 17 Site


A NAC view of the Apollo 17 site, with additional images in all that the site had to offer in terms of equipment spotted by LROC and EVA tracks.

27 Oct 2009

The Floor of Saha E


Unusual, polygonal textural features on the floor of Saha E in this NAC view.

23 Oct 2009

Epigenes A


Three NAC views (1, 2 and 3) of different forms of impact-melt flows on the floor of Epigenes A.

21 Oct 2009

Bright Boulder Trail


A bright boulder trail on the slope of Moore F in this NAC view.

20 Oct 2009

Illumination Comparison of a Mare Crater


NAC view of an impact crater under different lighting and illumination conditions.

19 Oct 2009

Small Crater on the Wall of Metius B


A NAC view of a small, fresh-looking crater on the southwest rim of Metius B.

16 Oct 2009

Fresh Rim of Slipher S


A NAC showing fresh-looking ejecta deposits and bedrock on the rim of Slipher S.

15 Oct 2009

Bouncing, Bouncing Boulders


A NAC view of boulder trails near Rowland crater.

14 Oct 2009

Asymmetric Ejecta


Very distinctive NAC view of asymmetric ejecta on the north-eastern rim of Hommel crater.

11 Oct 2009

Ejecta Sweeps the Surface


A NAC view of fresh, ejecta material from a crater lying south of Mare Tranquillitatis (a reduced image of the area is also included).

8 Oct 2009

Apollo 14 S-IVB Impact Crater


NAC view of the impact crater produced from the Apollo 14 S-IVB booster rocket.

7 Oct 2009

A Very Sinuous Rille


Oxbow-looking rille in this NAC view of a rille in north-east Ulugh Beigh crater.

6 Oct 2009

Where Moscoviense Meets the Highlands.html


NAC view of a highlands and basaltic region within Mare Moscoviense.

2 Oct 2009

Aratus CA


NAC view of lobe-like features (plus layered outcrops) at Vallis Lorca that make up Aratus CA in western Mare Serenitatis.

30 Sept 2009

Surveyor 1 – America’s First Soft Lunar-landing


NAC view of the Surveyor 1 site.

29 Sept 2009

Apollo 11- Second Look


NAC view of the Apollo 11 site, with additional images in terms of equipment spotted by LROC and EVA tracks.

28 Sept 2009

Rima Ariadaeus: A Linear Rille


NAC view of Rimae Ariadaeus (including a WAC view.

21 Sept 2009

Commissioning Sequences Pave the Way


NAC view of an illuminated, highland limb-region northwest of Mare Humboldtianum.

18 Sept 2009

Milichius A


NAC view of Copernican-aged (1.1 billions years ago to Present) crater Milichius A.

17 Sept 2009

Lunar South-Pole Out of the Shadows


NAC view of the South Pole region – an aid to determining its true cartographic location.

9 Sept 2009

Timocharis Crater


NAC view of Timocharis’s crater rim.

4 Sept 2009

Who Slammed the Barn Door


NAC view of the ‘jitter’ (geometric distortion of image) effects related to other instruments onboard LRO that affect the cameras’ final photographs.

3 Sept 2009

First Look: Apollo 12 and Surveyor 3


NAC view of the Apollo 12 site, with additional images in terms of ground operations, equipment spotted by LROC and EVA tracks. See also Apollo12 Second Look: Midday on the Ocean of Storms

1 Sept 2009

Boulders of Tsiolkovskiy


NAC view of boulders perched upon the central rim of Tsiolkovskiy crater.

31 Aug 2009

Recent Impact


NAC view of a recent impact crater in the Balmer-Kapteyn basin.

24 Aug 2009

Eternal Darkness Near the North Pole


Two NAC views (1 and 2) showing the permanently-shadowed floor of crater Erlanger situated at the North Pole.

21 Aug 2009

Necho Crater


NAC view of a creviced and cracked impact-melt sheet on the floor of Necho crater.

19 Aug 2009

Trail of Discovery at Fra-Mauro


NAC view of the Apollo 14 site, with additional images in terms of ground operations, equipment spotted by LROC and EVA tracks.

18 Aug 2009

Rille Within a Rille


NAC view of rilles within the Aristarchus Plateau region.

4 Aug 2009

Hummocks and Blocks and Craters


NAC view of hummocky and blocky features on the floor of Tsiolkovskiy crater.

3 Aug 2009

Bright Crater Rays and Boulders


NAC view of asymmetrical ejecta patterns from a small crater lying south of Tsander crater.

28 July 2009

Terraced Wall in Bürg Crater


NAC view of a terrace and crater-wall on crater Bürg.

27 July 2009

Relative Timing of Geologic Events in Mare Frigoris


NAC view of a small crater on the verge of being covered by material from a massif within the Mare Frigoris region.

17 July 2009

First Look at the Apollo Landing Sites


Several NAC views of the Apollo 11 – 17 sites. See also the following Apollo sites on the MoonWiki: (Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 14, Apollo 15, Apollo 16 and Apollo 17).

10 July 2009

The Fractured Floor of Compton


NAC view of the floor of Comptom crater/basin showing its fractured nature (also includes a YouTube video link).

7 July 2009

Scanning Towards the North Pole


NAC view of the North Pole region (also includes a YouTube video link).

6 July 2009
Southwest of Plato V


Link unavailable.
6 July 2009
South of Frigoris 1


Link unavailable
6 July 2009
South of Frigoris 2


Link unavailable
6 July 2009
South of Frigoris 3


Link unavailable
6 July 2009

Anaxagoras A at Sunrise


NAC view of Anaxagorus A crater.

6 July 2009
South of Frigoris 1


Link unavailable
4 July 2009

Peeking Out of the Shadows


NAC view of the light and shadow variations at crater Goldschmidt D.

3 July 2009

Swooping Over the Lunar Highlands


NAC view of the highland‘s region northeast of Clavius crater.

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