Kurt Fisher Crater Depths

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Kurt Fisher Crater Depths

(glossary entry)


A compilation of crater depths, diameters, and central peak heights compiled from a number of sources by amateur astronomer Kurt Fisher.

Additional Information

Kurt's list was published in the journal Selenology Today. Links to his spreadsheets may be found on page 49 of the free PDF version of the issue containing his article. An earlier version can be found on Kurt's website.

The main references cited for crater depths are:
  1. Cherrington, Ernest H. (1969) (2 ed 1984). Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes. Dover. ISBN: 0486244911
  2. Arthur, D. W. G. Sept. 1974. Lunar crater depths from Orbiter IV long-focus photographs. Icarus. 23:116-133.
  3. Pike, R. J. June-July 1976. Crater dimensions from Apollo data and supplemental sources. The Moon. 15:463-477.
  4. Elachi, C. et al. 1976. Local lunar topography from the Apollo 17 ALSE radar imagery and altimetry. The Moon. 15:119-131.
  5. Viscardy, Georges. 1985. Atlas-guide photographique de la lune: ouvrage de référence à haute résolution. Masson. ISBN/ISSN/EAN : 2-225-81090-7
  6. Westfall, John E. 2000. Atlas of the Lunar Terminator. Cambridge Univ. Press.
  7. Margot, J.-L. et al. 1999. The topography of Tycho Crater. J. Geophys. Res. 104(E5):11875-11882.

- Jim Mosher

As a rule of thumb, the highest quality depths are from Pike, followed closely by Arthur. The depths reported by Westfall that aren't from Pike or Arthur are of uncertain accuracy, and the ones from Viscardy and Cherrington are even more so. - tychocrater Jun 20, 2007

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