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Lat: 89.36°N, Long: 46.37°W, Diam: 14.2 km, Depth: km, Rükl 4

external image normal_Hinshelwood_LO-IV-190H.JPG
Lunar Orbiter IV Hinshelwood is in shadow near the center of this aerial view. The white arm extending up from Hinshelwood is part of the rim of Peary. The Moon's north pole is located directly above Hinshelwood, near the upper margin of this image.


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Hinshelwood is the IAU-named crater whose center is closest to the Moon's north pole. It straddles the rim of Peary at a point very near the pole. Although its interior is constantly in shadow, when a strong positive libration combines with the Sun being north of the Moon's equator, the sunlit rim of Hinshelwood can be seen from Earth during the latter half of the lunation. Under such circumstances, especially at and after Last Quarter, the sunlit far rim of Rozhdestvenskiy can usually be seen on the limb beyond it.

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