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(formerly Riccioli E)

Lat: 6.1°S, Long: 80.5°W, Diam: 79 km, Depth: 2.21 km, Rükl: 39

external image normal_Hartwig_LO-IV-181H_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-181H Hartwig is in the center, with the terraced east wall of 89-km Schlüter on the left. The 10-km circular crater on the floor of Hartwig is Hartwig A .


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Interesting to know: during the mission of Apollo 17 in december 1972, craters Hartwig and Schluter (and their environs) were photographed in earthlight (earthshine). During the whole time of Apollo 17's exploration, the direct sunlight never reached Hartwig and Schluter. The earthlight photographs are included in Apollo 17's Magazine 161-ZZ (35mm NIKON B&W photographs), see: Sheet 8 of A17's Index Maps. Some of those photographs were reproduced in the Apollo 17 Preliminary Science Report.


(LAC zone 73A3) USGS Digital Atlas PDF


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  • (Carl) Ernst (Albrecht) hartwig; German astronomer (1851-1923).
  • Name given by Arthur and Whitaker in Rectified Lunar Atlas (1963) and approved by IAU in 1964 (Whitaker, 1999, p234).

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