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The Moon's Farside


Since the Moon's rotation is tidally locked to the Earth, one side points constantly towards the Earth. Hence for observer's on our planet, it has a "nearside", which we can see, and a "farside", which we can't. Knowledge of features on the Moon's farside has increased gradually as spacecraft provide new glimpses of it.


Additional Information

Images of the Farside from Succeeding Generations of Spacecraft

Lunar Orbiter IV (1967)

external image normal_LunarFarside_LunarOrbiter_LTVT.JPG
image source: LPOD Gallery

Clementine (1992)

external image normal_LunarFarside_Clementine_LTVT.JPG
image source: LPOD Gallery

Chang'e-1 (2007-2008)

external image normal_LunarFarside_Change-1_LTVT.JPG
image source: LPOD Gallery

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