Dorsum Lambert

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Dorsum Lambert

(disallowed name)

Lat: 25.8°N, Long: 21.0°W, Length: 30 km, Height: km, Rükl: 20

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François Emond The ridge extending out from [/Lambert Lambert] to the lower right is the one for which the name Dorsum Lambert was proposed (but not allowed by the [/IAU IAU]). This portion of the ridge also seems to be regarded as the northeast rim of the 55-km diameter ghost crater [/Lambert Lambert] R.


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Description: Wikipedia

Dorsum Lambert

Additional Information


  • Named for the nearby crater ([/Lambert Lambert]).
  • This name was provisionally introduced (along with [/Dorsa%20Stille Dorsa Stille] and [/Undest Mons Undest], on LTO-40B4, where it is listed as a replacement for [/Lambert Lambert] R. This new name was not accepted by the [/IAU IAU], and hence it is among the many [/invalid%20names invalid names] appearing on the [/LTO LTO] charts. The feature labeled was a small portion of the ridge that runs from [/Lambert Lambert] to [/Pytheas Pytheas] G. This particular segment can be thought of as a part of the east rim of [/Lambert Lambert] R (see USGS nomenclature PDF for LAC-40). The objection seems to have been that [/dorsum dorsa] (ridges) are supposed to be named after earth scientists, rather than nearby craters. The fact that Lambert (the man) introduced a projection helpful for mapping the Earth does not seem to qualify him as an Earth scientist.

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