Basaltic Volcanism Study Project

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Basaltic Volcanism Study: Basaltic volcanism on the terrestrial planets (1981)

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This large volume summarizes the results of a NASA-funded and LPI-organized multi-institutional effort to forge a cohesive picture of volcanism in the solar system. Most of the work was done between 1976 and 1979. Although concentrating on volcanism (with the Moon and how its geologic history relates to that of other bodies being mentioned in nearly every chapter), Chapter 8 (coordinated by W. K. Hartmann) describes in great detail how impact cratering can be used to date volcanic surfaces and contains some of the most comprehensive information available regarding crater counts and counting on the Moon.

Additional Information

  • The Overview on pp. xxxiii-xlviii weaves the chapters together by summarizing the content of each section in simple language.
  • Trivia: the frontispiece image is a color photo of the Italian volcano Stromboli, photographed in eruption in September, 1971 by Charles A. Wood, one of the original participants in the project.

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