Antonio Paluzíe Borrell

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Antonio Paluzíe Borrell

(extended biography)

Antonio Paluzíe Borrell (or Paluzíe-Borrell) is a Spanish astronomer/historian who appears to have been most active during the 1950s and 1960s.


  • Wilkins and Moore is dedicated to him (and others), and mentions him at:
    • Acknowledgments, where he is thanked for contributing details of lunar maps.
    • A section of the Introduction on the International Lunar Society (formed 1956), where he is named as the Permanent Secretary.
    • Part 1 of Appendix II, a list (for which he was largely responsible) of lunar maps and globes.
    • Part 2 of Appendix II, a list of the new names on Wilkins and Moore's 300-inch lunar map, of which he is credited with contributing many.
  • The Spanish Wikipedia, in a section on the 19th and 20th centuries, says:
    • "[Amongst] Spanish astronomers there are outstanding selenographers, such as ... Antonio Paluzíe [a] specialist in [the] history of ... lunar cartography..."

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Viquipedia (Wikipedia): Antoni Paluzie i Borrell (Barcelona, 1899-1984).