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Lat: 49.7°S, Long: 95.3°W, Diam: 13 km, Depth: km, Rükl: (farside)

external image normal_Andersson_LO-IV-187M_LTVT.JPG
LO-IV-187M This low sun angle view shows the position of Andersson relative to Rydberg and Guthnick.


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(LAC zone 135A2) USGS Digital Nomenclature Atlas


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Leif was the young PhD who replaced me as head of the Lunar Orbiter crater cataloging project at LPL when I left to teach in Africa in 1973. He was very interested in the classic American mystery writers Edgar Allen Poe and H. P. Lovecraft and came to visit me in Providence while tracking down the haunts of these authors. Leif did his doctoral work on brightening of Neptune. He died young, while finishing up the farside measures. He is the coauthor of the nomenclature catalog that was based on our work. - tychocrater Jun 29, 2007


Leif Erland Andersson(1943-1979), Swedish-born American astronomer.

  • Not to be confused with Anderson or M. Anderson!
  • Andersson's name is not printed on page 271 (LAC 135) of the Clementine Atlas (2004).- DannyCaes Oct 9, 2011
  • The low-albedo region near Andersson (at the centre of the Mendel-Rydberg Basin) might have called Palus Solitatis. Unfortunately, this name was not approved by the IAU. See page Luna Incognita.

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Something to investigate...
There's a certain Andersson mentioned in the article New Evidence for the Variability of Titan (Saturn's largest moon); by M.Noland et al. (Astrophysical Journal, 1974), see page 491 in Mysterious Universe, a handbook of astronomical anomalies (William R. Corliss, The Sourcebook Project, 1979). Is this Andersson the same as Leif Erland Andersson? - DannyCaes Mar 29, 2015