Alpine Valley Central Rille

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Alpine Valley Central Rille

Lat: 48.5°N, Long: 3.2°E, Length: 142 km, Width: 0.75 km Depth: 0.14 km, Rükl: 12

external image AlpineValleyRille-LO4115H_annotated.jpg
LPOD Photo Gallery The image indicates the width and depth (as measured by LTVT of the rille that is visible down the middle of most of Vallis Alpes (formerly known as the Alpine Valley). Links to higher resolution versions of the Lunar Orbiter images can be found on the LPI website: LO-IV-115 and LO-V-102.


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(LAC zone 12C3) LAC map Geologic map


Attempting to detect this relatively narrow sinuous rille is a favorite challenge of amateur observers of the Moon, yet accurate dimensions do not see to have been published. The above image gives measurements made with the freeware Lunar Terminator Visualization Tool on images returned in the 1960's by Lunar Orbiter V. The average of the ten width estimates is 750 m with a standard deviation of 130 m. The average of the ten depth estimates is 140 m with a standard deviation of 60 m. - Jim Mosher

Description: Wikipedia

Vallis Alpes

Additional Information

  • The fact that the image upon which the present measurements are based is slightly oblique adds some slight additional uncertainty to the measurements.
  • The length given is from where the rille starts in what Elger called the "Florence flask" bottle on the far left, to where the narrow part peters out on the far right. No correction was made for the possible breaks in the rille between these two points. - Jim Mosher
  • Because the depths given are based on shadows, and the shadows may not reach fully to the bottom of the rille, they should be regarded as limits on the true depth. But they are probably not far off. - Jim Mosher


Number 129 in Debra Hurwitz's Atlas and Catalog of Sinuous Rilles.

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